How much assistance will we receive in the development of the questions asked in our study?

For all of our research studies, we have either a predetermined bank of questions for you to select from or a "starting point" survey from which you will work with us.

Do you ever share data from our project with other school districts?

We never share your data with other schools. If you want to develop an agreement with another school district in which you share your data with them and they share their data with you, we would encourage you to do that.

Do you ever sell the names and addresses of our graduates to third parties?

No, by contract we agree to never sell names and addressed to any third parties.

Have your research studies ever been used by schools in their pursuit of professional accreditations?

Professional accreditations are often an important benefit of our research studies. School districts have even used these studies to qualify for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Regarding the Alumni Study, do you require certain classes to be surveyed or can we determine the classes to be involved?

We do require that the graduates be out at least one year, but no more than five years, however, the specific classes and number of classes are your decision to make. We believe that the choice of determining which classes to be surveyed is largely a function of how much things have changed at your high school, something you are best able to assess.