Your recent graduates represent an outstanding source of important information about your secondary education programs and services. Only these alumni members possess the unique perspective from which to answer many of the vital questions that you must know to improve the quality of your high school programs.

The Alumni Study will provide you with the same type of detailed information from your graduates that has been helping your colleagues make improved administrative planning decisions for over 20 years.

We are committed to making your study a success. We start by focusing on your specific needs. We believe it is crucial that the Alumni Study questionnaire be tailor-designed. Let's face it, your high school is unique and so are your information needs. We will work together with you in a "team approach"; we provide a wide range of pre-tested questions for your review and you select those which will be most helpful to you.

We are also equipped to professionally conduct all aspects of the Alumni Study - something that most clients take advantage of. However, we give you the choice if you have an interest in conducting some aspects of the study yourselves. Click on Service Levels to find out more.